Virgil Crew

Born and raised in Central Jersey (which is really a thing), Virgil was always destined for stardom. From performing show-stopping solos at cult gatherings church youth talent shows and in elementary school, to dazzling audiences as the 'shortest Captain Hook ever' in his high school production of Peter Pan. He's thankful for that opportunity, as that was his first experience with a beautiful, curly lacefront wig (pics upon request).

After attending Rutgers University, Virgil set his sights to the greatest city in the world -- New York City Jersey City. He enjoys long walks on the West Side Highway, deep conversations about the artistic revolution through the potential of pop, and bodega coffee.

He doesn't own a pet, but is available to pet owners for consulting on their pet's Instagram brand strategy.



Brian (just Brian. You know...like Cher?)

Brian was born and raised in West New Jersey (yes, that’s a thing). Growing up, he was heavily involved in music which brought him to study Music Education at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. Upon learning that he detested children, he decided to forgo his life as a teacher and instead live his Coyote Ugly fantasy by moving to the big city and working in fashion.

He landed in New York City adjacent - Jersey City -  and now works as an Account Executive for a Branded & Private Label Home Textile Designer in Midtown. If you’re unfamiliar with midtown, Brian would describe it as a land where tourists walk too damn slow when all you are trying to do is get a goddamn morning latte. In his spare time he enjoys Vodka, Drag Queens, McDonald’s, and the Real Housewives of Orange County/New York/Atlanta/New Jersey/Beverly Hills (remember when the tried and failed twice with Miami? So embarrassing).

Brian's dream is to debut as his drag persona Alana Wintour, meet/fall in love with Andy Cohen...or Adam Lambert...or Taylor Lautner, and grow old with two Pomsky puppies named Puff & Scruff. His hope for this podcast is that you laugh with him or at him, just as long as he makes you smile!

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